If you are looking for a government job and want to work for an authority that values ​​hard working employees, then WAPDA Jobs is your place! As a potential WAPDA employee, you will feel comfortable as they offer the best work environment and are currently looking for qualified candidates who fit the culture of your company. If you are diligent, professional and hardworking, this is a great opportunity to help you build a prosperous future, not only for yourself, but also for your family, friends and especially those you love, Love more

WAPDA works in Lahore, Pakistan.  WAPDA is looking for people who take their careers seriously and people who want to grow professionally with the organization, for the benefit of both parties, respectively. As long as the jobs are available, you will have instant access to them through our LinkedIn account, not through social media, Facebook or Instagram pages. Thank you for taking the time to visit our page and we hope it will be useful for those interested in learning more about WAPDA or working for this company!

Organization of Water and Power Development Authority

WAPDA is one of the responsible agencies for providing electricity and water in Pakistan. It works under the direction of the federal government, and although its importance has diminished over time, it still helps things work out because there is not much competition or alternatives to the services they provide.


This company does not run its own business in Pakistan. They have a capable, professional, capable, efficient and flexible workforce throughout Pakistan. The company has improved technology as well as state-of-the-art tools to help businesses grow. PEDA (Pakistan Energy Development Agency) has taken steps to ensure that there is enough water in Pakistan’s reserves for the future. In addition, when there is a lot of water due to floods or monsoons, the overflow from the dams can be safely stored so that it can later become clean drinking water which is available at affordable price.

Vacancies (Updated)





Laboratory Assistant








Cleaning industry workers.

Deputy Director

WAPDA salaries and benefits

WAPDA career is the best opportunity to build your career. They help you grow professionally and mentally by providing training and wellness programs to help us reach our full potential. They believe in working together as a team to achieve what we are capable of, so they value company culture and promote corporate social responsibility. Which means creating a safe environment for hard work and big rewards! We list many other benefits / advantages of working in WAPDA:


Engage and empower employees

The spirit of team evaluation

Developmentof leadership skills.

A culture of productivity and ethics

Programs offered to employees.

Bonuses and Performance Awards

Compensation in case of death.


How to apply for WAPDA jobs online?Applicants wishing to apply for WAPDA jobs should carefully follow the instructions below before registering for their application process. The Authority will only accept applications from applicants who are Pakistani citizens and hold degrees or diplomas recognized by the HEC. First, you will click on “Apply Here”, which will take you to the official page of the Authority where you will find a fully automated online application form. Once on this page, pay close attention to the categories so that no section is left blank or incorrect.


After submitting all the documents, the company will conduct a test and only those with high score will be invited for interview. Candidates can use their original copies of documents for exam preparation and study. Although we encourage you to prepare for the test yourself using the various study guides, please bring at least one photocopy of each document with you on the day of your interview.

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