The City School Jobs Assistant Manager Administration


Thecityschool wants to fill the position of Assistant – Manager – Administration in the North Regional Office of Islamabad.

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Job Responsibilities:

  • To offer high-quality GMA and sustainable administrative support and assistance.
  • Rental housing management; Handling the ERP Property Module, keeping the module functional and up-to-date for all leased buildings in the Northern region
  • Timely processing of rental prices according to the agreed frequency.
  • Preparation of lease and addendum to leased buildings.
  • Keeping records and records of all leased buildings.
  • Transfer of tenements and taking over to and from landlords.
  • Lease of new buildings for schools and offices in the region.
  • Landlord Handling is TCS Nontactpunt for Landlords of Leased Buildings.
  • Annual R&M; Budgeting, implementation and monitoring of annual R&M.
  • Implementing mergers and relocations from schools.
  • Dealing with expenses for boarding houses.
  • Provide high-quality and sustainable administrative support and help work proactively with the team; Ensure that work is linked and designed with the concept of wider functions and priorities.
  • Ability to plan and prioritize administrative team workload to meet management needs
  • Those interested can apply to the following email address. Apply now at

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The City School Jobs Assistant Manager Administration


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