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Jobs in Punjab Department of Agriculture

Published: April 6, 2022
Zone: Punjab
Qualifications: Bachelor, Master
Application deadline: April 14, 2022
Available places: 02
Department: Punjab Ministry of Agriculture
Location: Minister of Agriculture, Government of Punjab, Civil Secretariat, 2-Bank Road, Lahore
We received this email in Daily Young. Candidates are invited from qualified, dynamic, and talented people residing in Punjab province to fill these vacancies.
The Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Punjab is seeking professionals to fund the emergency PRF for the Punjab Water Resources Management Project, which operates under the auspices of the Directorate-General for Agriculture (Water Management), Punjab.
The relevant department is seeking applications from dynamic, qualified, and enthusiastic candidates residing in Punjab province for the positions of Deputy Technical Director and Deputy Coordinating Director.
Interested candidates with a master’s or bachelor’s degree in the same discipline with experience in the respective field can apply for these vacancies as briefly mentioned in the advertisement.


  • Assistant Coordinating Director
  • Deputy Technical Director

How To Apply For The Ministry Of Agriculture Punjab 2022 Positions?

  • Candidates can download the application form from the website of the Punjab Ministry of Agriculture and send it to the Minister of Agriculture, Government of Punjab, Civil Secretariat, 2-Bank Road, Lahore.
  • Candidates can also apply online at
  • Full details of the application process, job description, and eligibility are provided in the announcement.
  • Candidates can get the details from or click here.
Punjab Agricultural Department Jobs


About (Punjab Agricultural Department)

Agriculture is the cornerstone of Pakistan’s economy. It accounts for 19% of GDP and, along with agricultural products, accounts for 80% of the country’s total export earnings. More than 42.3% of the labor force is employed in this sector.
The most populous province of Punjab produces most of the national agricultural production. Agriculture accounts for 19% of GDP and employs 48% of the population. Contributes to the supply of raw materials to major industries; textile, leather, rice processing, edible oil, sugar, and various food processing industries. Pakistan’s total exports account for three-quarters of its agriculture and 60% of that share comes from Punjab. Over the years, Punjab has sought to address the challenges of food security.
10.81 million hectares (53%) is a net planting area; an area that is built on at least once a year. 9% of the country is categorized as current gold; an area that will not be used for cultivation within a year. 8% of the land is marked as arable land, ie an area that has not been built on for more than three years and is part of the arable land.

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