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The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is one of the most prestigious military institutions and is sought in Pakistan. Thousands of young and talented people apply for different positions in PAF every year.

In this article, we will discuss the jobs of PAF 2023 and provide all the necessary information to help you succeed in your career ambitions.

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is the Pakistan armed antenna war in charge of defending the country’s airspace and providing air support to soil operations. PAF was founded in 1947 and has since played a crucial role in defending Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

It has a proud story of courage, and professionalism and is known for its high education standards, discipline and technological progress.

For more information about these Pakistan Air Force works 2023, stakeholders can review the corresponding ads. On-Line inscriptions are accepted until March 5, 2023.

Types of PAF Jobs 2023

PAF offers a variety of jobs for people with different courses, skills and interests. Some of PAF’s most popular jobs in 2023 are:

  1. Miniature Drone Integrator
  2. Miniature Drone Developer
  3. Computer Vision Developer
  4. Optical System Developer
  5. Desktop Application Developer
  6. Drone designer
  7. RF System Engineer
  8. Embedded imagery developer
  9. EF Frontend Engineer
  10. Software Developer

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These are just a few examples of the many career opportunities available at PAF. Each task has its eligible criteria, selection process and training duration. We will discuss the details of each task in the following sections.

Eligibility Criteria for PAF Jobs 2023

The criteria to be eligible for PAF 2023 jobs vary depending on the nature of the work. However, there are some general requirements that a candidate must meet:

  • Age: The applicant must be between 16 and 22 years old (for civil candidates) and 17 and 24 (to serve the team).
  • Nationality: The applicant must be a Pakistani citizen.
  • Education: Depending on the function, the candidate must have at least one admission or average diploma.
  • Physical Fitness: The candidate must meet the physical fitness standards PAF defines.

In addition to these general requirements, each task has specific adequacy criteria. Adequacy criteria include, for example, a general pilot:

  • Age: 16-22 years (for civil candidates) and 17 to 24 years old (to serve the team).
  • Education: On average, with at least 60% of numbers.
  • Height: At least 5’4 ″ (163 cm).
  • Vision: 6/6 in one eye and 6/9 in the other (without glasses).
  • Physical Fitness: The candidate must pass the PAF physical fitness test.

Selection Process for PAF Jobs 2023

The selection process for PAF 2023 works is rigorous and competitive. Includes several phases, including:

  • Send a CV and a registration letter to before the deadline if you are interested in the office (the deadline to receive the order is 01 week from the date of the ads).
  • These PAF F&E jobs are open only to candidates.
  • While the interview occurs, the original documents must be produced.
  • The interview invitations were delivered only to candidates on the restricted list.
  • The use of TA is not allowed.
  • The request must be received before March 5, 2023.

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Pakistan Air Force PAF Jobs 2023 Online Apply

Pakistan Air Force PAF Jobs


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