The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Civil Defense Agency is trying to check applications from qualified candidates for the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/New Employment Territories to apply online from the Ministry of Civil Defense KPK Jobs 2022 online through ETEA.

Civil Defence Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Jobs 2022

Published on: 17th March 2022
Province: KPK
Qualifications: Bachelor, Intermediate, Literate, Matric
Last Date To Apply: April 05, 2022
Vacancies: 150
Department: Directorate of Civil Defence KPK
Add: Director, Civil Defence Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar
Management regularly invites male and female candidates for employment. Ideal candidates looking for Government Jobs in the KPK should not miss this career opportunity.
Interested candidates to be selected for these positions must have the qualifications and experience required for the position. Only qualified persons should apply.
Eligibility Criteria:
  • Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology or a bachelor’s degree in information technology can apply for the position of computer operator for a minimum of one year.
  • Applicants with medium experience and one year in the same field should apply for the position of Store Manager. Applicants seeking selection for the Instructor II and Instructor III positions must hold a Bachelor’s degree and an Intermediate qualification, respectively.
  • The first piece of writing requires an average grade and a writing speed of 30 words per minute. Applicants for registration permits can apply for fire service positions but must complete civil defense firefighter training. Candidates with literacy skills with a valid driver’s license can apply for the driver position. The full diploma must have been obtained at a recognized educational institution. Applicants applying for these positions must also meet the age requirements

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How to apply online?
  • Applicants should submit their application online through the ETEA job portal after the ETEA application process. Only applications submitted through the recruitment link provided will be considered.
KPK Civil Defense Agency Jobs 2022


(About)Civil Defence Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

GENERAL The Civil Defense Department in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is overseen by the Relief, Rehabilitation, and Settlement Department and is managed by the Director along with additional personnel from the Civil Defense Directorate in Peshawar. The Directorate is responsible for overseeing civil defense activities in the districts and for FATA.
There are currently 14 civil defense officers, 9 instructors who are responsible for overseeing all functions of the district civil defense offices/agencies and for implementing civil defense and fire protection measures in their respective districts/agencies. To date, 23 civil defense offices have been established in 16 district headquarters and 7 tribal areas under the supervision of deputy commissioners and political agents designated as civil defense controllers under the Civil Protection Act of 1952. All suspects are provided with civil protection. with key civil defense personnel consisting of a civil defense officer/duty instructor and several ministerial staff instructors to assist them in implementing civil defense and firefighting measures within their respective jurisdictions.
BRIEF HISTORY The Civil Defense Organization was established in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in skeleton form with several employees in Peshawar in 1952, and the Provincial Directorate of Civil Defense was established in August 1971. The scope of the department was limited to mainly Peshawar. but over time, its peacetime role was realized and proclaimed in 1994 with amendments to the Civil Protection Act 1952, with the result that its scope was expanded to 25 districts and 7 manned tribal areas.

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