Consultant/Trainer for a workshop on Gender Equality Diversity and Inclusion 

Consultant/Trainer for a workshop on Gender Equality Diversity and Inclusion
Consultant/Trainer for a workshop on Gender Equality Diversity and Inclusion



  • Description:
Foundation/IRC Summary: The International Rescue Committee (IRC) answers the world’s most horrendously terrible compassionate emergencies and assists individuals with making due and reconstructing their lives. Established in 1933 in line with Albert Einstein, the IRC offers lifesaving care and groundbreaking help to outcasts compelled to escape from war and catastrophe. At work today in the north of 40 nations and 22 U.S. urban communities, we reestablish pride and desire for millions who are evacuated and attempting to persevere. The IRC drives the way from damage to the home.
IRC has been working in Pakistan for around 40 years, overseeing and conveying massive, complex projects to address the issues in wellbeing, schooling, shielding, ecological wellbeing, and livelihoods for dislodged, poor, and catastrophe-impacted networks. Fully backed by the bureaucratic and common state-run administrations, and liberal contributors like FCDO, ECHO, USAID, GAC and Australian Aid Agencies the IRC is currently executing projects the nation over.
The extent of work: Under the new well-defined course of action, IRC Pakistan guarantees that our different clients, accomplices, and staff have the power, voice, and organization to shape projects and activities. Inside the IRC, we effectively work to end all types of fundamental segregation and encourage a comprehensive workspace where everybody feels regarded, heard, esteemed, and upheld. Our projects look to decrease differences in results driven by foundational disparity. To accomplish this, IRC centers around building staff limits on Gender Equality Diversity, and Inclusion in the programming as well as activities.
Under this task, IRC plans to enlist the administration of a specialist to lead a brief pre-preparing evaluation of staff of Gender Equality Diversity and Inclusion (GEDI) and plan a few days’ studios given the discoveries and the global Rescue Committee’s GEDI needs.
  • Obligations:
The specialist will under the course of IRC’s GEDI rules and collaborating with IRC will:
▪ Plan poll for the review to measure IRC staff’s current information on GEDI ideas
▪ Direct the pre-preparing overview of IRC staff on GEDI ideas in conference with the IRC GEDI group.
▪ Plan and offer a meeting frame for 2 days intuitive studio covering (however not restricted to) the accompanying subjects
  ▪ Orientation Equality, Diversity, and incorporation definition
  ▪ Endlessly Power Dynamics
  ▪ Fundamental disparities
  ▪ Interconnected examination of imbalances
▪ Lead the studio and work with the activity arranging
▪ Set up a nitty gritty report
  • Expectations:
▪ Overview Questionnaire to the staff’s current degree of understanding/information on Gender Equality Diversity and incorporation related subjects
▪ Preparing Agenda/assets covering the substance of Gender fairness, Diversity, and incorporation
▪ Conduction of the studio
▪ Preparing report alongside all the preparation assets
  • Term:
The period for the consultancy is one month (August 10, 2022, to Sep 10, 2022). The installment will be made on the finish of the task and accommodation of the report.
Consultancy Manager: Senior Manager Gender Equality
  • Required Professional Skills:
The accompanying capability, abilities, and abilities are expected to complete this task: Specific abilities and experience looked for effectively:
▪ Inside and out information on participatory preparation strategies and broad experience as a preparation expert/facilitator
▪ Least 5 years’ involvement with planning and carrying out stages of preparation on Gender balance variety and incorporation
▪ Experience in dealing with orientation-related issues alluring.
▪ Experience of working in the helpful area alluring.
  • The IRC Core Values and Commitments:
• The IRC and IRC laborers should stick to the qualities and standards framed in IRC Way – Standards for Professional Conduct. These are Integrity, Service, and Accountability. As per these qualities, the IRC works and upholds approaches to Adult Safeguarding, Child Safeguarding, Anti Workplace Harassment, Fiscal Integrity Anti-Retaliation,, and Combating Trafficking in Persons.
• IRC is focused on guaranteeing that IRC staff is appropriate to work with kids and have the information s/he wants to maintain and keep the IRC’s Child Safeguarding Policy.
• IRC guarantees that its staff should effectively rehearse the jobs and obligations connected with client responsiveness, and responsibility to individuals in impacted networks and should have capabilities to request and pays attention to criticism and other’s viewpoints, answers criticism with development and awareness,, and takes suitable choices and makes changes to conduct or activities because of input.
IRC perceives that orientation balance is major to the accomplishment of our hierarchical mission. Thusly, IRC is focused on the advancement of orientation uniformity in all parts of our tasks and projects. Our hierarchical arrangements, methods,, and activities show this responsibility.
• Ladies applicants/ladies drove associations are profoundly urged to apply.
  • Apply By:
Intrigued and qualified competitors (Individual Consultants) may apply by sending specialized and monetary propositions alongside CVs and a pre-studio review poll to no later than August 10, 2022. Definite TORs have been appended in commercials.
The specialized proposition ought to incorporate a definite plan for a 2-day studio around Gender uniformity, variety,,, and consideration-related subjects including (but not restricted to) Gender Equality, Endlessly power elements, fundamental disparities, variety,,, and consideration.
To check the ongoing degree of staff understanding, the specialist ought to likewise incorporate a pre-studio review poll.


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